Acrofab was established in early 1966 by Simon Koning and Robert Dykstra to serve as a source for vacuum-formed parts for industries in Western Michigan. The company began manufacturing in a two-stall garage in Zeeland with one full-time person and one vacuum forming press. The first addition to the garage was built in 1968. By 1973, two more additions had been added so that manufacturing space increased from approximately 1,000 square feet to 14,000 square feet. The one person operation had grown to about 30 people. Instead of one vacuum-forming press, the company had four presses operating on a two-shift basis.

By 1977, it became evident that more space would be required for the additional work that was coming in. New property in the Industrial Park on the north side of Zeeland was secured and building and additions rapidly followed, including warehouse space and more presses.

Ownership of Acrofab transferred to Don Wierenga and Robert Klaassen in 1987, with Robert Klaassen buying out the partnership in 1988. 1991 saw the purchase of Acrofab's first CNC robotic trimmer and a three-station rotary thermoformer. 1992 saw additional expansion of our facilities. Years later, additional CNC equipment and additional rotary thermoformers were added.

Today, Robert Klaassen continues to lead the company in keeping with Acrofab's Mission statement, "Mutual Benefit from Mutual Commitment to Thermoforming Excellence". We continue to target industries where commitment to quality parts is a priority.

Acrofab has carved a niche in the thermoforming industry by developing assembly as an additional service for our customers. Plastic parts which are Acrofab-produced are assembled to each other or to purchased components. Many of the resulting parts are purchase-complete when they leave our shipping dock.

Acrofab's overall commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our increased technology, employee suggestions, continuous improvement projects, and on-going procedural, policy, and organizational reviews.